15 More Stories from the Oak

The Burning of the Cube

Day 267- The Burning of the Cube

I entered Necrovion at the end of the battle, and the Sentinels had already won. Jester reigned supreme, and all that remained to be sorted out was the business with Yrthilian.

Yrthilian made the declaration that should he continue to be separated from his Alliance, he would kill Khalazdad the White’s soul. Akasha heard this, and told him that she wanted to do a test with the cube before he destroyed it. She took him to the Gates of Despair, and told him to approach the Gate with the cube and enter it. He did as she told, and his shadow began to be sucked in, his hands shaking. Through the Gate he went, and out somewhere else.

Akasha and others looked into the Portal after him, and they moved into it. Some ran, some crept, but many went through to the other side. I myself closed my eyes, and approached the Gate, concentrating on my connection with Akasha. I opened my eyes, and there I was, at the Stone of Despairing Souls.

The heat was the first thing I noticed, and it permeated my very body. A weird heat, burning the outside and the mind more than the skin. Yrthilian thanked Akasha for her hunch, which was that the two Gates were connected, and made a final declaration. With that, he approached the stone with the cube held in front, and began to step into the flames, not caring for the heat or whether he be burned.

All those around him watched in horror as he ripped off a side of the cube at a time, and threw it into the heat of the Stone. One by one the cube was ripped apart and burned.

Those surrounded attempted to stop him, but no one succeeded. Shadowseeker attempted a spell, but did not have the proper form, and failed multiple times. This continued on, until I could not handle the heat. The heat increased with each piece, and my head began to buzz.

I fainted.

However, a friend has told me that after I left Yrthilian destroyed all pieces of the cube but one. He decided to keep this final piece, and touching it, it began to mold into a life figure of Khalazdad the White. A strange thing occurred. Standing there, all of a sudden, was Khalazdad the White, as we all remember him. However, yrthilian had total control over him. Yrthilian would move a hand, and so too would Khalazdad the White. It seemed Yrthilian now controlled the soul of Khalazdad the White.

More people began to come, though how they got here I do not know. Soon, there was a crowd. People were shocked by what Yrthilian had been able to accomplish. Soon thereafter, Yrthilian left, with the White Khalazdad in tow.

At this point Muratus del Mur came, and mentioned that the stone was not working. He told us that there was an issue, and we had better not burn anything. With that, he told us to all go, and we were instantly woken up at the Gazebo of Equilibrium. This is where the story ends, for now, I believe.

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