15 More Stories from the Oak

Power Hungry

Day 269- Power Hungry

With this story, you might perhaps expect me to rant about how awful Yrthilian is, and how he is doing wrong to his people and his land. But… that would be repeating the obvious, and any slanderous man can do as good as job as I at that. So I will explore something you probably did not think about.

Yrthilian began as a normal player, in a normal land. He was close with Renavoid, and the two of them talked for hours about their theories on magic and technology. You see, Yrthilian loved to combine the two together, and wanted to go to Golemus and continue his research. This was how he was first introduced to the land of Golemus Golemicarum. From there things have grown and expanded substantially, from a techno-mage, to a general in Wodin’s Army. When Wodin left, someone was needed to fill his shoes, and Yrthilian, the man standing directly behind him, had but one step to take to do so.

Yrthilian made the power-switch smoothly, and for this I respect him. Yrthilian showed no signs of being power hungry, no more than you or I show. He was humble, guarding over Golemus by way of the Guerrila Golemicarum, and protecting it as he saw fit.

Things change, though, and how quickly intents are twisted. There was the crowning, that was the first crossroads. He could leave, as Khalazdad did, or he could continue expanding, first for the good of his nation, and then for the good of himself. And this is what led him to attack Loreroot. So easy to justify the attack, for Raven was not fit to be a King, and Yrthilian was backed by most of the land. Loreroot was picked off, and left to eat itself.

And how simple the jump from Loreroot to Necrovion was. How simple to justify, to blind oneself, saying, “Look, he is a war monger! We must bring Peace back.” And so easy, for those to follow him, for to fight for any cause feels good, to blindly go. Things fall apart, the center cannot hold.

When you underestimate, you are decimated, and this is what occurred. But stop there? Never. Forge ahead, without a backing, for the crown on your head will keep your head strong. Forge ahead, and gain an ally in the ancient history of the past, gain another warrior, at the sacrifice of others.

Then, when you have achieved total power, then you will strive for more, until you fall into yourself, your feet fallen through the cracks.

But remember, he started out as you and me. And should we be given the same opportunity, can you honestly know that you would not choose the same?

It is an interesting thought. Veer from being given too much power, so that you do not try and take more. Take more, and you cannot stop, until you too have fallen down, and your statues become gravel for the paths of the average.

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