15 More Stories from the Oak

With All Its Sham

Day 347- With All Its Sham

“With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.”

The kitteh jumped from rock to rock, and the sun seemed to jump with it, in the tips of its fur. Butterflies batted with a paw, there is only completion and satisfaction in the eyes of a cat. The world bends and creaks into perfection, stones order themselves into neat little lines, and the Kitteh smiles and purrs to each.

Meow, meow, the call echoes through the land and brings joy to all those around. The man whose son has rejected him and his love smile. The lovers who are discovered and ridiculed for their behavior laugh and feel at ease when before the very stones seemed to cast judgement. The flirtatious tender, lets out a deep laugh with gusto, filled with a genuine vibe that never before was there. The twilight and darkness of the night are not here, and cannot be here. Monsters that lie in the heart curse the kitteh and abade for now. Like a flashlight in the dark, heating the lines of motion set forth by the people dancing in the city square. Monsters grate their teach in silence, cast out by the sound of the kitteh through the fangs and sharp teeth. These teeth are cute, and the bites playful.

So there is not what was needed today. So what was supposed to happen did not. So love is sometimes nothing more than abuse. So life is little more than a grind. In all these So’s of desperation and hopelessness, there is the “So life is still beautiful”

Like rain falling on a sunny day, casting rainbows and colors to every corner of the fields, life is short and fragile. Breakable and changeable, unable to be recaptured and replicated. Working in death one cannot find life. Yesterday a man died, but today he will live again. Yesterday a wife cheated, but today she is reborn. The innate qualities of good are everywhere. The trees scream virtue, the grounds plead for sanity, and in all these there is the Meow.

The Meow, saying if nothing else can, “It’s alright. Be happy.”

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