15 More Stories from the Oak

Cutler’s Rejection

Day 286- Cutler’s Rejection

You undoubtedly have seen Cutler wandering around the land. He is renowned for his ability to write puzzles, and their tests have stumped even the sharpest of brains I have attempted a number of them, but I find myself woefully inadequate.

Cutler was once approached by Muratus del Mur. Mur told him that he wanted to promote Cutler to RPC, because he had heard of his puzzling skills and thought that the realm could benefit from a puzzle master. Cutler looked at Mur, confused by his words, and said, “Why would I want to be an RPC? I am perfectly content with what I have.” Having refused RPC, Cutler walked away.

Some look at Cutler’s decision, and could not understand it. Why is this man, who is in all ways qualified for RPC, refusing it? The truth is that those who are most qualified are those who will not take the job. The wisest know to accept and love what they have, and not to aspire beyond what they can handle.

The death of RPCs is a direct result of this paradox. The best and the brightest are content with their stations in life. So never feel bad if you are not asked to be a role, or be a member of anything. Tell yourself, “I am content where I am, more things does not equal more happiness.”

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