15 True Stories from the Oak

Alche’s Statue

Day 241: Alche’s Statue
By Awiiya
There was a night, not so dark as this, where the stars shone in the eyes of others, and the jig of the night was merry and bright. The moon, for there is a moon every so often, came out and gave a smile, granting its white and gray features to the people below.

Me and another, we went for a jog. The night was just right, and our feelings were in the air, breathed in by all we ran by. “To the Gray Statue!” we cried, “On this joyous night we will crack his icy stare, oh so cold.”

We ran right up to him, and there he was, staring stony as ever. We took in a sharp breath, and the night held it with us, waiting in anticipation. We stared, locked in a gaze with the statue, a game of silence we could never win. When all seemed lost, there was a burst of orange in the sky, and the shadows caught fire. And on the lips of our Gray Statue, a smile burst forth, rivaling the greeting of separated lover reunited.

He smiled, and smiled, and his eyes winked and wrinkled at the night of silliness. And so did we, and as we smiled more, so did he, and the orange light grew brighter still, until all was awash in mindless orange enjoyment. We laughed ourselves to sleep, our light growing dim.

The next morning, we walked considerably more solemn by the statue. Meeting his gaze, his mouth remained cold and grim, but in his eyes… a tinge of orange still remained.

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