15 True Stories from the Oak

Songs to Golemus

Day 239: Songs to Golemus
By Awiiya
We start at the crest of the mountain, breathing deeply the night air and looking down. From here you can see all, from Golemus to Loreroot, and even as far as the East. The pillars of the Hall of Fame grace the skyline. Taking in the energy of the land, she begins with a song.
“Val-der-ri, Val-der-ra”
“Val-der-ri, Val-der-ra ra ra”
“With my knapsack on my back”

Quiet for a moment, and then I echo with the echoing song.
“Val-der-ri, Val-der-ra,”
“Val-der-ri, Val-der-ra ra ra,”
“With her knapsack on her back.”

We step down the path, echoing ourselves and adding verses, inviting others to join in on the happy song. No one hears, except for the spirit of the world, with its ear affixed to our words of song. We are the only two people on the island, but our songs fill it with the voices of many. Off the hillside our songs echo, me echoing her, the water echoing me, and the sky echoing it. We yell until a cacophony of noise becomes a symphony, blending in to natural rhythm. To ourselves, and for others, we walk and sing her song.

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