15 True Stories from the Oak

The Contest of Heads

Day 300: The Contest of Heads
By Awiiya

In my day, Heads Contest was a lot less of a contest. The first few days would consist of people scrambling to establish themselves and prove that they were interested in winning. Once the score got closer to the critical point, strange things started to happen. Alliances started to form, and people agreed on what position they were going to take. There was also a common theme of MR involvement, and the MRs could easily rig the contest to have whoever they wanted to win succeed, which is surely a testament to their strength.

Nearing the end of the contest, MRD would gather all those who he liked, and they would decide who would win. Once that was established, they decided who to pass the heads. Then the next few minutes would be spent passing the massive ball of heads around, and the winners were cemented. At that point anybody not in the top 4 gave up, and decided to just try again next time.

The Contest that I won, I formed an alliance with two people, only to be later crossed. So, I teamed up with others and started to fight. I attempted to push out those that had double crossed me, but they still won in the end, despite my valiant attempts to stop them.

Apophys was a particular opponent. He rejected my attempts at allegiance, and constantly stole my heads. We would chase each other across the land, from the underground, through Loreroot, and beyond. Days we chased each other, each stealing the others head. We had our friends participate as well, giving us warnings of when to attack, and when to patiently wait. I cannot say who for sure won the battle. I was the victor in terms of heads, but that day I lost a good friend. Had Apophys and I met under different circumstances, I am sure we would have bonded.

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