15 True Stories from the Oak


Day 266: Fear
By Awiiya

Few times am I truly afraid, which is understandable. Most things are understandable, and because they are able to be rationalized, they do not inspire fear. But there are times when I am afraid.

There are two things that have made me afraid. The first is when someone I think I know acts in a way completely unexpected. The time that springs most to mind is adventures in the Sentinels, when Khalazdad would randomly begin raving, and haunting about himself. Others have raved similarly, and been insane for a period, and one such person is Granos. His stories and teachings of the Void reverberated under my skin, and made me fear that I would be swallowed.

The only other time that I am truly afraid is when I have done something wrong and do not realize it, such as when I have offended a friend, and did not know of it until they revealed their hurt to me. My mind becomes clouded, and I am afraid for them, for me, and for the future of us all.

Oh, there is one more time when I am afraid: standing on the tip of a mountain or point, and looking down. The way the hill falls steeply to all sides of me, I cannot help but imagine falling, and the imagination builds slowly until it is all I can do to hold my feet still. The drop is enticing yet deathly, the fall stifling and horrid. Fear of being alone in a height, but mostly of falling and having no one catch me.

My fears all stem from others, for who else but them can make me feel the most extreme of my emotions, such as terror?

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