15 True Stories from the Oak

Ket’s Fight

Day 268: Ket’s Fight
By Handy Pockets

There were whispers over the land, vibrations of spells, rumblings of battle. Liberty declared war. Battles were fought, covert plans carried out, anger with a rival. He has a hunger for redemption. I felt compelled to join Liberty, I expect few to understand. My decision is not influenced by strength of creatures, but by my strength of loyalty to a man who as his duty to protect me, did for many days. As it was my duty to join him in his decision. With only a few days to wrap up my training, I made quick decisions. I endure in quiet, walking and resting, closing my eyes, and ears. I made my decision. Liberty sends me an invitation to join him. Time to wait.

Jump to leader is called. We still wait, as seconds pass by. Seconds never passed so quickly. I jump, there they are, the defenders of their land. With Liberty as leader we battle until we are spent. I leave this realm for other duties, and return knowing Liberty is not the leader of the Knights of Marind Bell. I did not plan beyond the alliance without Liberty as Leader. I leave the alliance feeling I did what was my duty, I do not regret one minute.

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