15 True Stories from the Oak

The Girl With Too Many Thoughts

Day 245: The Girl With Too Many Thoughts
By Awiiya

There is a girl, who you might see wandering the land. She carries around a thick pad of paper and a pencil held at the ready. Wherever she goes, she looks around, sees something of interest, and writes it quickly down.

You see, she learned one day that the only way to prevent herself from… problems… was to write down things she learned. She did not always write them down. Oh no, one day long ago she kept all her notes inside her head. Going against the advice of those who knew better, who told her she would lose her head, she kept every bit of information she could get her hands on inside her cranium.

Sure enough, one day she was walking down a path, and her head felt exceptionally swollen. She tried to take a step, and tripped on a stone, and as soon as she fell to the ground, her head exploding off of her neck, spewing words in all directions.

“Oh dear! I have lost my information!” she cried, as her words and knowledge spilled out onto the road, and soaked into the ground. The fact that her head was separated from her body was the least of her worries, and she wanted that knowledge that she had lost.

A doctor came to see her, and began sowing her head back on her neck. She was fine, albeit she now wears a ribbon around her neck to hide her stitches. From that day forth, she wrote everything she learned down, and her head never swells.

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