15 True Stories from the Oak

Illusions in Golemus

Day 243: Illusions in Golemus
By Awiiya

There was a time when magic was available to all. The majority of people in the realm were transported to Golemus Golemicarum, and for some reason, the magic was everywhere. We found ourselves morphing into strange creatures, and having strange armies. Our strengths varied, depending on our wishes, and a great deal of things went awry.

One night, something very strange occurred. While we were casually talking, most likely joking around, someone opened their mouth to make a witty reply… but what came out was “chirp.” The others laughed, and he cried out again, “ribbiiitt!! RIBBIT!” Flapping his arms and running around, the poor man could not make a single word come out correctly.

Soon we were all on the floor, laughing at the silliness. Then one of us attempted to say something, and just like the other man, out came a bellowing, “RIBBIT.” Shocked, we all found ourselves ribbiting, then croaking, then all sorts of strange noises. Finally, one of us made a move to run away, and hopefully retain our voice…. but WHOM. Our feet were all glued to the ground. What were we to do? Our feet glued to the ground, our mouths spewing noises fit for beasts and toads, we looked at each with panic in our eyes.

When things could get no worse, our mouths became clamp shut as well, and then we were in quite the fix. Stuck to the ground unmoving, the entirety of Golemus fell into a silence. A good twenty minutes we were stuck like this, our eyes open wide, and our bodies quivering in the skin frozen solid.

We stayed like this, until a green light erupted over all of Golemus, and we were free once again! But now… the sky burst open and rain poured down, and wouldn’t you know it, the trees around us began to blossom all sorts of magical colors.

“What is this strange magic?” we cried, and sat down together.

“We need to get off this is…. ribbit.”

And so it went, for an entire week, until we were finally released from our island of magical joy and fun, our throats soar, and our feet swollen.

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