15 True Stories from the Oak

The One Who Protects

Day 308- The One Who Protects
By Handy Pocket

His soul, twisted and tormented, cold as ice.
Eyes, hollow and dark, filled with insects and fear.
Threading over the land seeking his rightful place.
Calling a mournful sound, wailing and calling, searching and confused.

She gasps,the horror she sees, as she looks at the ones she protects, as they protect her.
Why such destruction, how did this happen?
How could she leave them to fend for themselves?
Her heartache sends her walking, walking for the one energy she knows they need.
Her vital energy.
And once again she gasps, she can not walk for her creatures, she needs to be joined
with others who share her common interest.
What will she do? She calms herself and thinks of all her options.

There he is, he found her and he comes to her side.
She sees he is in need of his rightful place. He will protect as he is protected.
A decision is made, her walking friend will be bound again with a plan that will
keep him safe. He will protect the rest from destruction as they heal.
She decides it is time to find an alliance
and be the one who protects the one who protects her once again.

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