15 True Stories from the Oak


Day 234: Gardeners
By Awiiya

There is something peaceful, something that draws people around. Two people, standing by the side of the road, push a seed into the ground. They watch it grow, treat it not as a plant but as a person. Unmoving, it cannot go to the world, and so these two and the others that join them bring the world to it. Singing songs to one, so that its roots may dance with their happy water dances. Telling stories to another, so that when its seeds blow to the wind it will tell them of the things they will find, and have friends in all corners of the land. Giving wishes to another, for if a gate can grow over an impassable tunnel… any wish can come true as well. The day’s happenings to another, because without news the seed would be reduced to telling the grass of the weather, rather than the Tainted. Finally secrets usually left untold. In the fibers of the Spruce the words rest firmly and safely, rather than melting holes through minds.

Four seeds and a Gate, and nothing to give but the lives we live. Two gardeners and their friends, who can tell where the seeds stop and the people begin? We’re all life. You present me with your wood and fruit, for heat and for food; I will present you with my water, brought from a neverending can. Take a second to give to another, and another second will give to you.

So we water the seeds, every night.

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