15 True Stories from the Oak

Handy Pockets

Day 242: Handy Pockets
By Awiiya

Handy Pockets is her name, and I know no other more diligent.

I first met her in the Paper Cabin, and we talked. We talked of many things, but what caught my attention is that she had been reading not only the Principles, but also the Adventure Log. It takes most veterans months to read that, because they lack what she has in abundance. She read them all, in under a week.

I would give her homework assignments, to write a spell, to read a Principle. The next day, as ready as clockwork, it was done.

These days, she is no less diligent. We planted the seeds in May, three months ago, perhaps a little more. In all that time, she has missed two days with them, and that is all.

Like water running diligently to the ocean, she is here everyday, the same time. Watering the seeds with a motion now ingrained in her mind from the repetitions. Rituals are her life, from singing to the mountains, to taking little observances of anything she finds off. She even was so diligent as to record the changing of letters in as much realm as she could reach. She is the only person to ever even try to do so.

I give her a task, “Write a paper about the Alliances,” “Write a poem” “Write about your adventures” and I have no doubt it will be completed in a reasonable manner.

She embodies the element of earth. Like the spring coming and the winter freeze ending the glow of summer, Handy Pockets is as reliable as a town clock. As the mountain grows higher, and the canyons grow deeper, so too does Handy Pockets change consistently. Diligently walking on her path, “one watering session in front of the other.” Who better to water mother nature’s babies then one who is as diligently growing as them? There is no better. I, with the fire in my soul, cannot compare. Massive amounts of energy do not compare to the steady focus of a stream of water. Water and wind can erode at mountains, making them their sculptures. Consistent, the pendulum that is Handy Pockets swings back and forth, and I know, she will never falter.

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