15 True Stories from the Oak


Day 235: Shades
By Awiiya
The Shades and I have never talked. There was a time when they spoke, and they spoke freely. They communicated with Khalazdad and the Sentinels, telling them of how they had no time. They spoke of great things, mighty victories and amazing powers.

But to me, no, they have never talked. Many times have I slayed a rogue shade or two in battle, fighting back to the road so that I can recount a familiar dream. But talk? No, they do not talk to me, or to anyone else.

They say the Shades are almost like mirrors to ourselves. Perhaps they do not talk to me because I do not talk to them? Never have I called out into the Darkness of Necrovion, “Hello, good shade, how are you today?” The Shades are like any person… if not respected, they will not respect. If fought, they will fight. If loved, they will love. Maybe one day I will enter their land, and ask them how their day was. And if mine was bad, perhaps they will respond that theirs was awful as well, and we will converse on our grievances. Who knows, but an adventure awaits to he who calls into the darkness of himself, and who else are we bound to find in the shades but ourselves?

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