15 True Stories from the Oak

The Watering Can

Day 236- The Watering Can
By Awiiya
You might have noticed the watering can that we carry around to every seed, so that they may not thirst during the night. Handy Pockets tells me that it is magical, never having a bottom. I will tell you something, perhaps she is right. But there is a reason for the magic, and I had no part in it.

The very metal of the Watering Can had a conversation with its source, and it told the water what we did with the water we collected each night. It told the lake of how we watered Nature’s sons and daughters with our two hands, and sang and told them stories. The water was impressed, and told the story to the other water in the lake. All of them conversed, and they all wanted to go into the Water Can so that they could join in on our good deed. A great amount of water jumped into my can, trying to fit so that they may be used. Because our use is unselfish, the water will give itself as long as it is wet. And so my can is effectively endless, having been poured night after night, and still the water winks at me. It says, “You are there for them, and we are here for you. Those who support will be supported.” And I wink back and say, “Brother helper, seed waterer, we are two rain droplets in the world, but if we can do some good, then maybe everything will be just a little bit better.”

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