Story Night #2

Kamisha’s Submission

Kamisha Story Submission:
Prelude: Welcome to your dream
“Welcome… you are here since there are some very important things to discuss. I don’t expect you to understand what I have to say but I do have to tell you some crucial information. Please pay attention as it will all make sense in time.”
I looked in my immediate area somewhat disorientated. I had just been asleep a second ago but now I was wide awake and felt the world around me. The grass beneath my feet felt soft and the breeze was slow and soothing. That didn’t calm me all that much as I was still trying to remember waking up. The woman who was talking to me was about my height and had dark hair.
“Please”, she said “listen carefully. You are no longer dreaming but aren’t awake either I had to catch you in-between, what you experience here will be very real and will be as dangerous as the real world but I do have control over the environment here… to a point. You need my help to get a head start… I would like to be clearer.”
I finally had my Barings and was feeling a bit more in my element. I felt like I had been here before though not in a physical sense but in a mental one. I was here… just not completely.
“You should be feeling a little better now. Your memory will come. This is what you call Atlantis your ancestors for years have lived here. You are about the 10th generation from then. The stories you hear about Atlantis being as advanced as it was is true I fear and that is what worries me. You see your current world is threatened once again by this city. As war was waged in the past civilizations crumbled to these relics they created. They corrupt the creatures around them causing them to cause massive damage to their opponents’ buildings and people. They have long since been deactivated but the security mechanism has reopened causing this corruption to reoccur… You are one of the few remaining that have the ability to stop this. You must find these relics and remove them. Be careful as they can corrupt people it will just be harder for them to corrupt you do to your ancestry. You may return to your dream.” The world faded and so did the feeling of reality instead of returning I awoke in my bed. A bow and a small satchel of arrows lay beside my bed against my dresser. I griped it from my bed. A small note was attached. It read “You should know what to do.” Amazingly the letter was right.

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