Story Night #2

Assault on Loreroot

Sunfire Story Submission:
Assault on Loreroot

Living in the peaceful land
in between the fields and trees
there you learn to understand
what the word peace means

This peace will end
and very soon
darkness is gathering
under a fool moon

Cracking an gnarling
are heard in the woods
Loreroot my darling
that doesn’t sound good

The dark lord Hunger
takes his monsters to the tree line
and blesses his monsters
with his power dark and divine

There comes the first charge
of the attack
their surprise was great
when no one fought back

Then the trees moved
and blocked their path of retreat
in the tree roof
they heard Knators go mad by the smell of fresh meat

They drop and kill
by biting in the neck
they run to the hills
but they never get back

At that time
a guerilla war has begun
until there was the sign
and to their master these minions did return

The siege took over a year
but no ground was won
Hunger showed the first signs of fear
this was no longer his idea of fun

He assembled his last men
who took off with him on this campaign
give us this unholy land
don’t let the others died in vain

In despair he ordered a full charge
there was the drumming sound of a thousand feet
the fight was cruel and the situation was harsh
but at last there was the sign of retreat

If I can’t have this land, no one can
take the torches and burn this forest down
this crown was made for only one man
deliver our land from this cursed ground

They lit the torches and head to the woods
but they all fall down with an arrow in their chest
evil shall not find in here a place to root
only a place for its last rest

Hunger went mad by this defeat.
and storms to the woods with a monstrous cry
The end was complete
when he finally died

the peace returned at last
to the green land
they gave a great fest
so take your cups in your hands

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