Story Night #2


Curiose’s Story Submission:

And I was riding.

Riding and riding, going in circles, creating an incoherent roadmap. Where am I going? Please don’t ask me that question. I don’t even know, myself. Away. Just away.

There were noises everywhere. Strange shuffling, and chills- the wind against my face. There was crying.

I would ride. Continue to ride.

And a pain would appear. A sudden bloom of pain- flowering amongst my body, ravaging it with its very being. It would not go. Pain would stay; throb angrily second after second.

I would ride faster, and harder, ignoring the pain. Getting to my destination. Getting closer, closer. But the pain would explode and firework at its own will. No control, no remedy. But I rode on. I always rode on.

The pain became distracting. I fell forward, closer, closer to that ground…

And I fell.

And I shattered.

Tiny little fragmented pieces. The shards a cut up jigsaw puzzle where the pieces don’t seem to fit. Each piece a sharp glass, reflecting and mirroring everything I did. I would put the pieces slowly back together, slowly, painfully. All the pieces left their tiny cuts, left their scars wonton. The blood soaked the ground.

Slowly, I got up. I began to ride once more.

Not as fast this time. The broken shards breaking and cracking against each other. I look back and I see the extra pieces that never seemed to fit, laying in the ground distantly.

I kept riding.

Closer, closer, away, away…

And I made it up that hill.

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