Story Night #2

Stonebiter’s Submissions

Stonebiter Story Submission:
A pinpoint of light broke through the darkness , and the the hammering sounds stopped suddenly, followed by the hushed voices, that spoke excitedly.
Slowly the bricks were removed ,one by one gently,to reveal the contents of the inner sanctum that had not seen the light of day for over a thousand years.
Lights revealed the contents of the stone blocked temple were still intact, and gently hands removed the layers of dust that covered everything.
Carefully they brushed off the dust on delicate items, untill they found what they were looking for.
A plain looking clay pot, sealed with a special emblem, that of the ancient dragons, was gently removed and packed away, amidst layers of protective covers and gently loaded onto something outside the temple and taken away.
The remaining workmen then carefully rebuilt the wall they had taken down, brick by brick, until the light diminished, then faded away.
As darkness took over the inner sanctum of the temple again, and time continued it’s relentless march outside the valley, something happened.
The last pinpoint of light focused on the glittering eyes of a dragon fresco on the temple wall, as if it seemed that dragon was smiling.
It was keeping it’s secrets still, even though the intruders had thought they had found the prize they were seeking.
The prize they had sought had slipped away from them, for the other part they needed, had not been made yet.The laughing eyes of the dragon faded away into the darkness….


Time passes silently and endlessly


Voices excitedly shouted as the workmen uncovered the large sandstone doors of the temple.
Engines revved on the cranes as they lifted the huge doors open , amidst the creaking sounds of protesting hinges as the light filtered into the ancient palace.
Shaking his hands nervously, the lead archaeologist carefully took the first images that modern man had seen of the previously undiscovered ancient race.
The walls were painted in dazzling pictures, of men with the heads of what was first thought to be lizards, but on closer examination was dragons, with stream of fire flickering from their mouths.
Slowly but surely, every thing was catalogued and documented.
The lists of everything was carefully recorded and saved as archaeologists and the bureaucrats from the government, were all suddenly astonished to see everything vanish in the blink of an eye.
Soldiers rounded up the scientists and students quickly, and shepherded them from the site.
When all were gone, with only a handful of the desert guides remaining to stand guard, an old man possibly a clan elder approached reverently and knelt in the shadows of the now empty courtyard of the palace.
Slowly he extended his hand, revealing the sacred tattoos that adorned his forearm and finished on the outside of his wrist.
The head of the dragon breathed fire, out over his hand and finished on his fingers as he removed the leather gloves that concealed his hands from the view of outsiders.
He wore a large green gemstone set in a gold ring, and it adorned his middle finger, and was worn from constant use over the ages.
A bundle of firewood was set upon the ground and carefully arranged by the young men and women who accompanied him, in a pre-organised shape. Then they sat behind him, feet tucked under their legs as the watched.
He stood up, and walked slowly around,tapping a young man and a woman on the shoulder, and they followed him to stand in a certain place.
When he was finished, there was a couple at each point of the compass, surrounding the fire. All of them had the same tattoo on their arms,and a similar ring on their fingers.
Slowly he walked to the fire, the tattoo blazing on his arm,as he spoke.
“Today has come to pass, from events set in place a long time ago.We are called upon to perform what we have trained to do for ages gone by.”
“You will be sent back together, to different times, to act as the guardians for this sacred place. Something has happened here, something drastic.”
“Find out what happened and prevent its occurrence.. the future and the past lays in your hands.”
He extended his arm to the fire, and a stream of light jumped from the ring on his finger into the fire.When the light faded away, he was alone again.
He walked away, and the other nomads surrounded him and they disappeared into the desert night.

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