Who Killed Marind?


What is the cube?
You all start in this fantasy world, MagicDuel, locked in a room with a spooky girl and some candles burning. Slowly you figure out the room is fully closed and that the girl is not a normal person. Eventually you exit that room; Marind takes you out of there and you enter the MD world. You will notice Marind is now a ghost, and becomes more unreal as you move on in the story. Marind was very tangible in the room, in fact, in some story, branches she can kill you.
You find out if you know how to look, that you came out of a cube, and if you dig deeper into MD, you find out everyone came from their own cube. Now I ask you, what is the cube?

The cube is the created box around your soul and mind. It is not a natural construction, or it would have been a sphere. The cube is a symbol for borders, artificial borders. We all have our own cube we live in, be it the room we are in, the town, the closed group of friends, but most of all the borders of our own mind and understanding.
If that is our own cube, then who is Marind? No one else could be in your own cube except yourself! Marind is just a part of you. In dream psychology, for example, the little girl represents you, the dreamer (I found out later this this is true). When you exit your cube, you have to kill some things in you, or they won’t go well with the world outside. Childhood dies when you go out in the world; some mysteries remain and other people’s worlds interfere.

You killed Marind. Each one of you. She doesn’t even exist beyond your own cube borders. You seek to find her but slowly you lose her. The story never ends; it was never supposed to end. It has chapter 3, and a planned chapter 4, but it was never supposed to END. Marind dies and how can a ghost die other by forgetting her memory, getting her lost in the rants and the activity that follows after you exit your own cube.

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