Who Killed Marind?

The Carnival? You enter a world where others enter the same way: use your brain.

As you enter MD world, everything in MD becomes a mirror of yourself. Your fantasy world merges with those of other people. You are not looking at an outside world but at a world within you. These symbols are not random thoughts that just sound nice. They are a clockwork of extreme perfection. The candles, the land weapons, the land balance, even the individual locations, they all make sense seen from this perspective.

Now you see why having any made-up ancient lore stories about who Marind was, is so fundamentally WRONG and damaging. Any bit of additional information on the past will ruin the clue that this world is not a fantasy world planned to be a fantasy world, but one that emerged from your fantasy and does not have any “Ancient Lore.” Give it ancient lore or made-up stories about its past and you will alter its present meaning and unbalance all its symbols and its entire mechanism. Respect the question and the answer will respect you. Hurry with an answer and you will get just that: a fancy answer.

With what I explained in this, I killed a part of myself and a part of MD together with it. I don’t expect those of you that made me do this to understand, but I expect the others to respect MD secrets more.

If you think I spoiled for you what the entire thing MD is about, you can’t be more wrong. MD is deeper than you can imagine, than the people working on it can suspect. If you care and know where to look, everything in MD is an intricate puzzle of logic and feeling. Even within this text, I let you see more than one path towards other things to discover. MD is a private challenge for each of one of you, but some of you just failed it.

This was the “Show of Force” in my own way.

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