MagicDuel Festival Records: Volume 1

The first Magic Duel Festival, hosted from September 6th, 2008, to September 14th, 2008, was something new for everyone. It was, in short, a learning experience, not only for us as the players, but for Mur as well. The Festival resulted in many interesting changes, including a large integration of roles into the game. Players from every walk of life were able to create their own unique role, to become someone else entirely if they so desired. Whether the players received a reward or not, honestly does that even matter? It was a way for all of us to become something more than just another player: to become part of something magical.

Now, then, you may be wondering: what were the rewards? This part is simple and complicated all in its own right. In reward for integrating into the game, certain players were given new abilities and titles. There were two different categories: RPC and PWR.

RPC, Role-playing Character, is the first category. Given unique abilities, such as special spells regarding their roles and the ability to create custom quests with special rewards for players, and special recognition, this was one of the highest honors received from the festival. Very few made it to this category, but many more received PWR.

PWR being, Player With Role. This is the stage many receive before becoming RPC and there are nonetheless several differences. The first, and most obvious, being the lack of being placed on the RPC list. This will, hopefully, one day become a fluid transition from player to PWR to RPC.

And, now, for the honors handed out during the first ever Magic Duel Festival.

*As a result of the spread of the players over the game, I may or may not be able to add their custom descriptions in the future. More to come on this soon.

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