The Moon and Necrovion

I was asked to speak at your convocation because of my investigations into the nature of Darkness and the life I have lived there.

The subject you have chosen is a difficult one, and the news I bring may be offensive to worshippers of Diana.

Perhaps you know from reading the Archives that I do not believe in a physical reality independant from the thoughts of the people inhabiting this place. Perhaps in other realms there is some objective thing in itself, some ding an sich.

In this one, the best we may manage is intersubjectivity. Agreement of subjective experience.

Not only is there no moon, there is no sun and no sky. Can you see them in any scene? You infer their presence from the levels of light, but cannot observe them directly. Recent changes will allow some of this… but observe:

Here we come to a major point in the metaphysics of this place. We exist between the astral and the material. Above us are clouds of imagination. What you believe is formed in those clouds. If you will it strongly enough, it is manifested here.

Thus if you will a literal moon, you will have one – see Bootes adventure as an example. It is a demonstration of the will of the people having a concrete effect on the world in which we live.

Now Necrovion is a dark place, dimly lit. We infer that the moon shines down on its deserts without ever seeing such a thing. The belief makes it real.

From here, we may move into the symbolic meaning of such things as moons and Necrovions.

Necrovion is a prison camp, and ancient one. A place created to punish the criminally insane – not to cure or teach or house them, but to flay them with the torturous products of their own dim minds.

Such a place is an explicit elucidation of unconscious process. Now as we begin to examine the relationship between this elucidation and the Jungian concept of the Moon and the night, we begin to see some interesting correlates.

For Jung, the dark and the unknown are symbols for the unconscious. A vast body of water, too, represents subconscious forces at work – powerful, unknowable, a dangerous journey. The night is where your subconscious has expression – in dreams.

The Moon is the light that illuminates only darkness. There is not enough light to see clearly, only to see what you can’t see. Diana is also the Anima. In a male-dominated psychotherapy, she became very important indeed.

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