On Loyalty, Respect, and Self-Discipline

These are the subjects I will be discussing this morning. I think it is evident why they are important, but my objective today is to point out why they are critical to not only our, but everyone’s alliance.

I shall begin with the matter of self-discipline as it also pertains to loyalty and respect. Self-discipline of the mind is of the utmost importance as without it there can be no other successful discipline. A strong mind that is aware of one’s thoughts and emotions is one that is self-disciplined. That which follows is physical self discipline. Training the body to be in good physical condition is of utmost importance because a sluggish body contributes to a sluggish mind. If one does not have self-discipline it is difficult for them to remain focused and show any sort of genuine interest or loyalty to their duties which they have sworn themselves to. Self-discipline ensures loyalty and dedication to one’s duties and aspirations.

Following self-discipline is respect. Respect is something or someone one holds in high regard or even admires. Without respect there is conflict among individuals. Respect ensures that there is obedience among individuals by instilling a sense of regard for others. We respect elders and individuals in positions of authority because they have done something exceptional to achieve their status. To show respect for all people is not only desirable but also a form of self-discipline. It shows restraint and modesty that we can accept all beings as they are. In a community or group this is of utmost importance. If there were not individuals setting examples for the others to respect there would not be any focus or realization of the group’s goals and ambitions.

Last, but not least there is loyalty. Loyalty and respect go hand in hand. Without one you cannot have the other. One must respect another in order to be loyal to them. It is essential in a group in order to realize the goals and ambitions of the group. Loyalty is not complicated, it only requires that an individual solely serve or solely belong to another. The absence of loyalty within a given community leaves an opening for betrayal and also leaves a question of one’s reliability. It poses the questions of “Will that individual continue to serve to see the realization of our goals?” “Does the individual truly believe in our missions?”

Now that I have described the subjects at hand I will discuss how they relate to each other and their value to an alliance.

Self-discipline is a valuable trait to have in the members of your alliance as it ensures they will stay focused and this produces dedication and loyalty. Those who are self-disciplined are dedicated as they have a goal in their mind that they are determined to realize. It also instills loyalty, as the individual will be loyal to accomplishing their goals. In loyalty there is respect as I pointed out earlier. Those who are loyal and respectful are the individuals that will ensure that the goals are realized. So you can see how self-discipline relates to loyalty and without respect one cannot be loyal to another.

Without any of these valuable traits, there will be individuals of every alliance who are indecisive, undedicated and who will grow weary and bored with the ideals of the alliance because they have no focus of self-discipline. More than likely they are not truly interested in accomplishing the goals of the alliance, but have some other motive. Hence there is no loyalty or respect, which leads individuals to change his or her focus and continually seek to align themselves with different houses, never being capable of being loyal to one ideal.

To conclude, it is of utmost importance that individuals be self-disciplined in order to be focused on the alliance’s goals. It is desirable that they show respect and loyalty at all times as they represent the ideal of the alliance.

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  1. A fine explanation of the underlying foundations of the strength of an individual and the alliance they belong to.

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