Astrology: the Pseudoscience

Whether or not you Believe in Astrology, it is Clear that it is a very Powerful notion, even in Today’s “Modern” Society. Ask anyone what their “Sign” is, and you are almost Guaranteed an Answer. News Papers across the Globe have Horoscopes printed in them, some are filled with Humor, others with Seriousness. The Internet is filled even More with Astrologers printing their claims and Predictions, again some with Humor and Others with Composed serious Predictions.

Why is Such an Unscientific subject taken so Seriously even in today’s ever growing “Modern” Society? Put simply, it is ingrained in us, through Eons of Revering and Watching the Stars and Planets the Sky has Gained almost Mystical Significance. Put less Simply… well, that is what my Writing here is about.

It should be clear, but I will say it anyway, that Astrology is a Pseudoscience. That is it has Little or no Proof that it’s Claims are Accurate. Even just a Simple Thought shows some of the Ideas in Astrology must be Faulty. For Example, Astrology tries to Describe one’s Personality through the Star Sign (Constellation) they were Born Under. This would Suggest there are only 12 Personality types in the World, or that you could Separate everyone into Roughly these Groups. Cleary that cannot be.

I suggest you Approach the Ideas in Astrology with an Open Mind. Do not take everything as Fact, but try to Recognize that even in the most Obscure Predictions lies some Truth. If nothing else simply Laugh it all off.

2 Comments on “Astrology: the Pseudoscience

  1. Firstly, I would like to thank you, Bootes, for being the first guinea pig to decide to let us throw our Wookie Bowcasters at you.

    For your writings in the Archives, will you please choose to not capitalize every other word in your sentences? I know it’s a habit formed of a great game, but lets try and act like we have a bit of grammar here in the Archives, aye? 🙂

    Other than that, I like seeing where you’re taking this. I’m eager to see the next release of your studies. Perhaps then you begin teaching us something? ^_^

    -Ren, M.A.

    • I will make the Attempt Ren, but Know that it actually takes a lot of Concentration for me to Do NOT Randomly capitalize these days (I fear Writing Essays for School because of this).

      I will also Say that I never Intended the Randomized Capitalization to be Part of my Character. It was an Idea I had, tried, and Instantly Addicted to. Almost Immediately after Starting I found it was Hard to Stop. On Occasion there is Conscious Effort (“That world Should be Capitalized” or “That’s too many in a Row”) that slips in.

      Perhaps I should even Write a Short article about it One Day… 🙂

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