MagicDuel Roleplaying Effects in Real Life

Roleplaying has an amazing use in real life. Usually a role mirrors our desire, our true identity but sometimes it’s also just one side of this identity. You may think this is not true because you often played a role that has nothing to do with your true self … well, the way you played it and the reason you picked that role is because something in you needed to come out. A role can start as part of you or you can discover on the way that its part of your personality. This is valid if we are not talking about senseless accounts such as testtest, I am talking about the players that really play a role here.

Because of this nature of a role, it usually happens you gain more confidence in yourself and develops that part of your personality that you have selected for that role you play in the game. A 13-year-old boy who plays a mighty warrior role will develop his courage and his personality in that way and some day he will see changes in the way he acts in real life too. We NEED role-playing, role-playing is for personality what dreams are for the brain sanity.

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  1. I have to agree with what you are saying here.
    I tried playing a realty evil and mean character in past in one of the rpgs (forum based) and somehow I couldn’t “convince” myself that “I” am this character. The whole thing resulted to that specific character being something only half done and nobody could believe it is ultimate evil. I am unable to play completely good characters also and I came to realization that I can not do that because I, as a person (not a char) am not ultimate evil nor am I a personification of good. In our role-playings definitely is a part of us, may it be a part that we are aware of or parts that we don’t have knowledge of… yet.
    As for you “using” the strengths and abilities of character that you play… well, I am glad that I am not the only one doing that irl.

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