Jack Willow: Fortune’s Son

Jack Willow’s childhood was spent with the Aramors of the No Man’s Land. The early death of his parents left him an orphan and he considered the creatures to be his family. He was found by Jonathan Wind, Gabriel Wind’s father, and taken into their home.
He was younger than Gabriel Wind, not by much, but enough to make a difference. In their first years together, they were close friends and they used to train by dueling each other whenever they had the chance. Much of their childhood was spent indoors as the many duels left scars, bruises and several broken bones.

When Willow was a young adolescent, Wind’s father died of old age(Wind’s mother died at birth) and the two left their home for good in order to form the Berserkers, a brotherhood of brave warriors.

He served as Gabriel’s squire in the years to come. Wind never agreed to Willow as being nothing less than his equal but Jack had insisted from the very start. He considered that the Berserkers needed only one leader. Jack Willow also designed and forged Wind’s weapons and suits of armor.

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