Jack Willow: Fortune’s Son

Chapter II: Fortune’s Son
In the battles with the Tainted Sages of Necrovion, he became known as “Fortune’s Son” for he was the only Berserker ever to venture head first into battle and never receive a scratch. Actually, except his childhood scars which also healed in time, Willow never had a mark on his body. Many portraits of him during that time and in his later years show Jack Willow as a beautiful man with a clean skin and gentle eyes while Gabriel Wind was always portrayed as a harsh and rugged man even after he gave up the way of the warrior.

During the first battle for the Chaos Woods between Daniel Raven and Gabriel Wind, Jack Willow offered to deliver the correspondence to and from Marind in order to keep Gabriel’s morale at its highest. When Marind disappeared, Willow accused Raven, although he later publicly apologized for this, at Wind’s request.

He still remained Gabriel’s friend after they both gave up the way of the warrior, even though most of his weapons and armor were destroyed at Wind’s command.

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