A History of the Realm: Volume 1

The beginning of the Era of Ancestors is marked with man’s discovery of Fire. Man had already found within the earlier and more primal stages of his life Earth, Water and Air. But only after man discovered the Fourth Element of Nature was man able to truly become a Human.
Man soon was able to see, to hear, to taste, to feel, to talk, to express and to learn. Compared to the earlier stages, man managed in no time at all to create a society which although primitive, allowed the development of all the Savage Arts: drawing, painting, modeling, sculpting, writing, talking, singing, dancing and fighting. Man became an artist, an artist who could control all the Four Elements of Nature and thus it was just a matter of time before man would discover the Ancestral Arts: magic, faith and science.
As Ancestral Man relates, the known Realm was divided as following: “To the Great Dawn lies a blanket of grass, too large for any of us to measure. To the Great Dusk lies only water, water we cannot reach, water we cannot drink and water in which nothing exists. To the Great MidDay lie trees, more than we can count, more than we can cut down. To the Great MidNight lies nothing but the naked ground.”
This description however is crude and unsatisfactory. A more detailed view on Geography is the following: to the East and South-East the Sage Plains were to be found, to the South and the Center of the Realm the No Man’s Land was to be found, to the South-West and West the Tempest Sea and the Storm Coast were to be found, to the North-West, North and North-East the Chaos Woods, the Green Lake(North-West) and the White Lake(North) were to be found.

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