Jack Willow: Fortune’s Son

Chapter III: Concerning his Reign
Early on, Gabriel Wind requested for numerous places to be named after his best friend, both in Marind’s Bell and in its Capitol, Wind’s Sanctuary.

When Gabriel Wind died, Jack Willow made sure that his body would never be disturbed and thus he hid it in a secret place, not known even in our times.

As Jack Willow became King of Marind’s Bell, relations between himself and Daniel Raven grew colder but, the two territories remained allied during their life-times. Many say that the two were too much alike.

As he had no children, King Willow took on three apprentices to whom he taught his craft. He returned to the ruin which was once the Wind home, in the No Man’s Land, and rebuilt it. He assigned his third apprentice to live and work there as a Weapon Smith, his second to serve in Loreroot and his first and brightest in Marind’s Bell. The secret of the craft was passed down to their descendants who still serve the three locations.

According to lore, he managed to enter the House of Liquid Dust but he never returned. His will left his first apprentice as King but Willow was irreplaceable.

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