MagicDuel Roleplaying Effects in Real Life

I will tell you about my personal experience with a role, but I am sure each one of you will have experienced something similar in your own way.

It’s no longer a secret that I play both Knator Commander and Muratus del Mur. At first there were multiple people controlling Knator but in time I totally fell in love with that profile and started to shape it according to what role I wanted to play. Knator is a strong diplomat, a powerful creature that demands respect and fear; he is huge, has a feeling of supremacy over the humans and is often unpredictable. In real life, I am far from being a huge person with extreme physical force. I love the Knaty role, when I play Knaty I AM Knaty, I have nothing to do with Mur, Manu, or other characters, I even go so far that I send myself pm’s from one account to the other :)) (useful to keep track of things). Knator is a very important military figure in the game; he represents the power of Loreroot and its official voice, the closest one to the Loreroot high command.

I discovered something amazing, I can “switch accounts” in real life too! I had a meeting with some people, business related, and things were not going the way I wanted them to… so at that moment my mindset changed to Knaty, i don’t know how I could actually do this, but I guess there should be something to cancel the “failsafe” of our brain to allow you actually play a fictive role in real life. Actors have it, spies also, and depending on profession others do too. The confidence and power i have as Knaty took over. I was actually playing Knator Commander in a business meeting against real people … and it worked! Of course I did not pull my blade out to cut them for being rude to me, but I did act and felt as if I was indeed Knaty and they some miserable tiny humans. I managed to get their respect, I did not allow them to say differently then I wanted, and in a matter of minutes I had everything under control as I wanted. That was absolutely amazing. I remembered the feeling so I can use it on other occasions and i am sure it will help a lot.

Any of you played assassins creed or a shooter? well after playing countless hours such a game I walked down the street and at each corner I carefully inspected people passing by, as if they have grenades or asking myself how I could kill them without the others to noticing :))) That’s wild, but it happens when you get too deep in such a game/role.

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  1. I have to agree with what you are saying here.
    I tried playing a realty evil and mean character in past in one of the rpgs (forum based) and somehow I couldn’t “convince” myself that “I” am this character. The whole thing resulted to that specific character being something only half done and nobody could believe it is ultimate evil. I am unable to play completely good characters also and I came to realization that I can not do that because I, as a person (not a char) am not ultimate evil nor am I a personification of good. In our role-playings definitely is a part of us, may it be a part that we are aware of or parts that we don’t have knowledge of… yet.
    As for you “using” the strengths and abilities of character that you play… well, I am glad that I am not the only one doing that irl.

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