Principle of Light

Light, as a symbol and not as a physic phenomenon, is energy, progress, even life. The Principle of Light stretches itself on a very wide spectrum, from creation and materialization to the unveiling of information, exorcism, battle techniques, etc.

Like the Principle of Darkness and moreover as well as all the other principles by their definition, the Principle of Light does not have a wholesome nature itself, the difference is made by the various techniques that use the Principle. The evil or good nature of the influence is given by the technique that is used or, better said, by the one using it. For example a lightning can be both used to do good and evil, or exorcism, even though the term is understood as the estrangement of evil forces, can also be used successfully on forces that are aligned to good.

As well as the Principle of Darkness, the Principle of Light can conceal information and create others, still using fundamentally opposed methods.

The principle of light can modify or even temporary nullify the principle of balance, but only for short periods of time, thus helping with the accomplishment of the protection, healing and even temporary invincibility techniques.

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