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Principles Discussion

Principles. Principles of Magic are much like real-life principles. This being so is due to the fact that we choose what we believe in. Some people believe “the more, the merrier,” and yet there are those who say “too many

Principle of Balance

The principle of balance does not refer only to good and evil. It generally stands for all things opposite and applies both to individual situations and other inferior Principles. Balance can NOT be broken, but it can be bent to

Element Principle

There are many ways in which one can classify the consequence of every action or every personality. If we were to separate the world in basic elements, we could say that there are four fundamental elements: Earth, Water, Fire and

Principle of Syntropy

The Principle of Syntropy is the symmetric principle of the Principle of Entropy. In the actual phase of the Cyclicity of the universe, this principle is extremely rare and hard to notice. Unlike the Principle of Entropy, whose forces rule

Cyclicity Principle

Each event could either take part having a certain shape, having its own cycle, repeating itself after time, or could either be part of another superior event that has its own cycle. Events like daily routine, or the changing of

Principle of Time

Time can only be perceived by structures that find themselves in superior planes of existence from the observed plane. Time is given by the difference in complexity between two elements. A very important thing to understand is that a range

Principle of Transposition

An identity can be associated with every object, action or living creature. The more we get to know of an object’s nature, the clearer its identity becomes. For completely understanding an identity or a mark, we must not take into

Principle of Imagination

Imagination is the arena in which anything can happen. When the conscious and even the physical abilities can hinder the accomplishment of some things, imagination indulges everything to happen. There is a very sensitive threshold between reality and imagination. Imagination

Principle of Entropy

The Principle of Entropy has complex origins and effects that are easy to understand and notice. This Principle has its origin in the Cycles of the Universe and represents a phase of the Cycle, the other being its symmetric Principle,

Principle of Darkness

Darkness refers to a restriction of perception but also to an unmeasured source of possibilities. Darkness cancels the forms and opens other senses less used. Darkness must not be mistaken with the void or with the evil forces, darkness is