Principle of Transposition

An identity can be associated with every object, action or living creature. The more we get to know of an object’s nature, the clearer its identity becomes. For completely understanding an identity or a mark, we must not take into account time and we must combine all the stages of that object’s existence into one continuous thought. For instance, an action can be condensed to a simple identity, understanding the beginning, the course and the end of that action as a whole. A human can be defined through an identity understanding his existence from his birth until present times and not judging him in a certain situation. Two identical or close identities will behave as if they belonged to the same source, no matter the physical distance that separates them. By reproducing the aforementioned identity in a place, that identity will be connected to all its similar identities. This phenomenon is also to be noticed when a mother feels that her child is in trouble, and also in some rituals like voodoo, when a mere doll has direct influence upon a real character.

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