Principle of Syntropy

The Principle of Syntropy is the symmetric principle of the Principle of Entropy. In the actual phase of the Cyclicity of the universe, this principle is extremely rare and hard to notice.

Unlike the Principle of Entropy, whose forces rule over those phenomena originating in the past, the Principle of Syntropy is the basis of those events that originate in the future, events that depend on a yet untouched superior force of organization and energy. The two symmetric principles can coexist.

The best example of Syntropy is life itself, at least to some extent. The motivation of the human kind to accomplish their purposes is also ruled by this principle.

The conscious control of this principle can be made both directly – even though this is extremely difficult and even impossible for those entities that are dedicated to destruction – and indirectly with the help of some auxiliary energies.

The Principle of Syntropy is the basis of clear sightedness, prediction, intuition, healing, growth, some regeneration forms and some forms of annulment of destruction based on energy consumption

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