The Sun that Never Sets

The Sun that Never Sets

It has been known to many, as it should be known to all, that Night never seems to fall upon the world of MD. The Sun is ever-present in the Sky, and until very recently was rarely seen to move at all. As a student of Astronomy these facts confused and intrigued me, how could this be possible? You may say it is purely through the result of Magic, but I would scoff at that. Magic may seem like an unlimited source of power, but it must draw strength from somewhere, and the strength required to hold the Sun in the sky would be Enormous.

I prefer to take the view that we can explain most of what we see through science, and that even the most powerful magics operate through known channels of science and perception. That is I believe that we can explain the oddities of the Sun with scientific knowledge and allow for the possibility of Magic to influence certain things. Ideally we should strive to explain things in as simple of a way as possible, as that is the way that Nature works.

The theories I intend to Explore in this Article have been discussed with many, and argued against by many more. Through these discussions I believe we have brought our Theory to a final form, or at least as final as our Observations will permit.

The theories on the pages that follow are based on the following Observations:

  • The Sun appears to Move very little, or none at all.

This depends on how carefully you make your Observations. With the naked eye it was only recently that the movement of the Sun was visible, before it took careful measurements and observation to detect it. However the Motion is the same in both cases, just more pronounced now (the next Page has a more in-depth description).

  • The Moon, though once present, has disappeared from view.

Ancient record does show a Moon once existed around the world. Today it is not Visible as it should be (even accounting for the constant Daylight), but exactly what has happened to it is not know exactly.

  • Night has Ceased to be

Little is known about this, what has happened to the Night is the primary motivator of my research. While I will present my own thoughts about this, please note there are many ways to approach this Phenomenon and that there are likely many forces at work.

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  1. A Perception of Relativity.

    I have looked into this and as far as I can tell it is a matter of perception. The sun appears to move little or not at all on account of that our axial rotation nearly matches our circumfrencial rotation. This gives the appearance that it is moving little or not at all. Image if I was to strafingly run around you. I would always be facing you making it appear that neither of us have really moved at all or at least not very much.

    The moons fair presence is equally explainable in this fashion. If a center object is causing a nearby object spin around the central object than the affected object will move the same speed, but over a longer distance there by making it appear to move slower. Take for instance a whirlpool. The inside and outside move nearly the same speed. The inside though is moving in such a small area that it makes a full circle in what appears to be less time. This of coarse differs based on what the object is. A tire, being a solid object is going to force the outer edge to match the rotation there-by increasing its speed. Versus the whirlpool whose inside speed and outside speed are more closely matched because that what ties them together is more flexable in its own nature.

    So in all. We rotate the sun in a manner that we are always facing it, while the moon moving only slightly slower than us appears to have gone away, but is simply on our darkside slowly making its way back around to us in time.

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