The Devil Went Down to Marind’s Bell

The devil went down to Marind’s Bell

He was looking for a soul to steal

He was in a bind and way behind and willing to make a deal

He came across a Chaos Archer waxing his bow-string and making it hot

The Devil jumped up in a Wind’s Crossing stump and said, “Archer I’ll tell you what

If you didn’t know it I’m a mighty Warrior too.

And if you care to take a dare, I’ll make a bet with you.

Now you shoot a straight arrow son. But give the Devil his due;

I bet a Long Bow make of Gold that I am better that you.”

Chaos said, “I’ll take that bet and you gonna regret cause I’m a better Archer than you!”

The devil said, “I’ll start this show,” and fire flew from his finger tips as he drew back his bow.

He pulled back the Bow string as far as he could

And when he let the Bow String go, it gave an Evil Hiss

Then a Band of demons joined in and it sounded something like this

Vroooomm Vrooooomm Vroooomm Bbiiingg Bbiiing Biing Riinnggg

As the Devil finished firing Chaos said, “You’re pretty good old son,

But sit down on that stump right there and Let me show you how its DONE.”

When the Chaos finished shooting the Devil knew he’d been beat.

And he laid that Golden Bow on the ground at Chaos’ feet

Chaos said, “C’mom back if you ever want to try again.

I told you once, you son of a beach, I’m the best that’s ever been!”

Vroooomm Vrooooomm Vroooomm Bbiiingg Bbiiing Biing Riinnggg

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