A Warrior’s High

A Warrior’s High

Our story begins when two youths, Renavoid and Yami no Sakura, decided that it would be great fun to see what would happen if the great warrior Wodin Ullr had smoked some of the strongest hallucinogen of the land. There is a better, nobler objective to this scheme, but that is a tale for another day.


Ren and Saki asked the great warrior to go with them to Willow’s Shop to use the hookah stationed there. A curious little fox, Innundo, decided to follow the group and observe their antics.

Upon their arrival at the Shop, Ren presented Master Wodin with the device, “the Bong of Knowledge and Inspiration,” as he called it. Without a word, Wodin accepted the hookah and began inhaling the smoke of burning Nightshade. Everyone watched with barely contained excitement as he breathed in more and more of the smoke.

Suddenly, the great warrior cried out, “WHOA! WHAT’S THAT???”

Saki, with her quill poised for note taking, asked, “Hm? See something?”

“Please, enlighten us, Master,” Ren said as he added even more Nightshade to the hookah.

“It’s…it’s…it’s…my old lab…” Wodin said slowly. “Wait…I never had a lab…It must be the wizard’s…” He breathed in more of the hallucinogenic smoke.

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