The Commander’s Journey

A long time ago, when the Commander had yet to earn his current rank, he was sent to Golemus with a group of fellow young knator soldiers on a mission: to escort something said to be of great value, a treasure of sorts, to Mount Kelle’tha. The item was placed inside a cube, which was to act as the final line of defense. The cube itself was about half the size of a human and was made from a semitransparent material. Although it was intended to be light in color, splotches of dirt have dulled the hue. Its surface, though, was unmarred; there were neither writings nor inscriptions. According to rumors of a later time, the content of the cube was said to be the legendary Book of Principles.

During the mission, the group would move to a new, undisclosed location every night to guard the box. But each night, Shades would appear suddenly. While they did not attack, the Shades flew and swirled around the group. It is during these sudden appearances that the guarded cube would unexpectedly change from its original pale hue to glowing yellow. Members of the group also started to change color…and shape. They distorted into strange, glowing masses of color, behaving in a way that is akin to Shades…eerie, glowing Shades…

Some of their numbers never return to normal. In fact, they changed so much that they simply…vanished. The group, under the belief that all this was the effect of a spell, sent word to Loreroot to ask for a wizard’s aid. The reply never came.

Only a handful of their number survived the mission and returned home, including the Commander. For this amazing feat, the Knator Commander was promoted to the rank he has today.

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