Hellena’s Plan

Heellena’s Plan

In the days of Daniel Raven, Loreroot was a much more dreadful place. The forest was plagued by vile creatures of the darkness, which records only suffice to call liquid fear, for their true name is lost. They caused havoc and drove fear into the very hearts and cores of those who lived in the forest. They were masters of creating terror. In fact, they were the sole obstacle which Raven faced in his quest for what he deemed a “Perfect Loreroot.” But, though he tried with all of his might, we was never able to vanquish the creatures and bring the terror in the land to a close.

Raven’s battle with the liquid fear consumed him so entirely, that when he finally died, he cursed himself to never rest until Loreroot was safe. He spent his dying days amidst the trees in his skyward capital. Little did he know, that one wild, witless young woman he met there would be able to complete what he never could.

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  1. Heellena’s name in records was later modernized to Helen Wasp. This was done for a few reasons, inlcluding:
    1. Helen Wasp is shorter in documents.
    2. Heellena Wasspe? Just TRY to pronounce that without screwing up. 🙂

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