Hellena’s Plan

Chapter IV: Wanderer

The disappearance of the liquid fear creatures meant Loreroot could rest easily. Terror did not consume those who lived there. Only one thing remained.

When Raven died and cursed himself, he made the mistake of not specifying what Loreroot must be safe from before he could reach his final slumber. The wisest of the forest tried many things before they gave up, unable to calm his restless spirit. Even now, his ghost sometimes appears roaming the forests, searching for the liquid fear creatures that disappeared so long ago. The search consumes the ghost, and maddens it such that it might actually try to destroy the runes. But, without the knowledge of what happened to the creatures, it wouldn’t be able to even find the runes, much less destroy them.

Thus, Loreroot exists without being completely consumed by terror.

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  1. Heellena’s name in records was later modernized to Helen Wasp. This was done for a few reasons, inlcluding:
    1. Helen Wasp is shorter in documents.
    2. Heellena Wasspe? Just TRY to pronounce that without screwing up. 🙂

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