Hellena’s Plan

Chapter III: A Permanent Hold

Unfortunately, magic casting provided no permanent effects. In that age, when magic was cast, its effect lasted only a limited amount of time. Much like water passing through a funnel, its power would ebb away shortly after being cast.

Heellena’s hexes were no exception to this rule, and that greatly irritated her. No matter how many times she cast the hex, it would always dissipate, leaving the liquid fear to creep back in its absence. Heellena realized that her mind wouldn’t be able to hold these liquid fear at bay for eternity, so she decided to try a new way that would enable her to do just that. She sought a method to bind the spell to the world itself, instead of just existing in her mind and wherever she sent it through the ether.

Carefully, Heellena undertook the task of creating a permanent hex to destroy the liquid fear completely. She crafted extremely powerful and precise runes that held the power she desired. Binding the runes together, she drove them into the ground upon a totem, and allowed the effect to spread. Once again, the liquid fear creatures vanished from the lands. Only, this time it did not dissipate after being cast. The effect remained and vanquished the liquid fear creatures from existence ever since then.

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  1. Heellena’s name in records was later modernized to Helen Wasp. This was done for a few reasons, inlcluding:
    1. Helen Wasp is shorter in documents.
    2. Heellena Wasspe? Just TRY to pronounce that without screwing up. 🙂

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