Hellena’s Plan

Chapter II: An Instinctual Discovery

Heellena Wasspe came from the No Man’s Land, as do most people. Untamed and wild, she found her found her home where her instincts, rather than her intellect, brought her. As a magic wielder, she would easily have been accepted into Golemus Golemicarum, though, only if she decided to walk that path more precisely. To say the least, Necrovion would have loved having an addition such as the “mindless” Heellena behind its Howling Gates, but instead she came to Loreroot where her primal ways found home. She was a real troublemaker, but all saw that her heart lived for Loreroot.

As mentioned, the liquid fear reigned in Loreroot at this time. Everyone knew about it, but its grasp on terror was so complete that no one even spoke of it. They were struck numb by the prospect of what might happen to them if they collaborated against it. Nonetheless, Heellena had an idea.

By pure instinct, she wielded her magic once more to create a hex. In her mind, the best way to thwart something that brings terror, was to bring bad luck down upon it! She summoned it into existence by channeling the energy through her mind, and holding it there. Incredibly, the hex worked! The liquid fear began to dissipate! The forest could be saved after all, and the people loved to know it. Hope could be seen on the horizon, and that felt good to them.

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  1. Heellena’s name in records was later modernized to Helen Wasp. This was done for a few reasons, inlcluding:
    1. Helen Wasp is shorter in documents.
    2. Heellena Wasspe? Just TRY to pronounce that without screwing up. 🙂

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