A Warrior’s High

On the Matter of Eating Bunnies

The outside of Willow’s Shop was a gathering place for many who seek others’ company. And while the crowd chattered away, Master Wodin stumbled out into the midst mass of people. He looked up to the sky. “Oooohhh…brightness…”

“Wait! Master Wodin!” Right on his heel is an anxious Ren, shouting, “Please go back into the shop!”

The great warrior shifted his gaze from the sky to the crowd. “People…I can attack them,” he said, chuckling in a not-very-sane manner. “…They’re all so weak…”

“Yes,” Ren agreed with a quick glance at the throng of people. “But we need your help.”

Master Wodin looked at the concerned youth, and after a moment of silence, said, “I’m hungry. You got any snacks?”

Without missing a beat, Ren pointed at a metallic rabbit sitting amongst the crowd. “There’s a bunny right there.”


Metal Bunny laughed at Master Wodin’s amazement and said, “Go ahead.”

“Cm’ere little bunny.” With that, the warrior attacked the metallic rabbit. “Ewwww…” said Wodin, with a disgusted look on his face, suddenly released the Bunny. “He tastes like crap.”

“It’s a survival technique,” the rabbit said with a grin.

Ren spoke up again, trying once more to direct Master Wodin’s attention back to a more…important…topic than filling the warrior’s stomach or a metallic rabbit’s survival skills. “Master Wodin, how do you activate the tower? What’s the command?”

Unfortunately, Ren’s questions went unheard as Master Wodin spotted a flight of stairs. “Ooh…steps. What’s up there?” Again, he wandered off, and Ren followed, after exclaiming an expletive.

Saki and Innundo trailed after him, naturally, but the group’s antics have gathered a bit of a crowd. By Angien’s Ferry, they encountered RJ, the Drachorn Master, who was then incognito. “What’s up here?” He asked.

“Wodin’s spacing out, man,” Bunny replied. “He tried to eat me.”

“So am I,” RJ retorted. “That’s because all bunnies are good for is eating.”

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