A Warrior’s High

The Third Chase

While their group was now missing a fox, they have gained a rabbit for Metal Bunny wished to see this adventure to its end.

The four of them ran through the lands of Marind Bell. In Marble Dale Park, Master Wodin stopped his meandering to admire the scenery. “Ooohh…pretty flowers,” he said, fingering a delicate blossom. A snicker came from the bushes as the metallic rabbit laughed.

After crossing the Gates into NoMan’s Land, the warrior took a moment to dance around the Gazebo of Equilibrium like a happy little schoolgirl before running off again with Ren, Saki, and a still laughing Bunny trailing behind him.

Upon their arrival on the Road of Loneliness, the Summoned Warrior paused to chat with the forlorn tree standing by the wall. “Oh hello tree, what’s your name?” The rest of the group heard no audible reply, but Wodin sure did, for he responded. “Oh really? And you say all these fools,” he gestured towards the others, “have been calling you ‘Bob?'” Then he laughed, though no one is sure of why…

“No more drugs for Master Wodin…” Ren said, making a mental note for himself.

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