A Warrior’s High

Slapping Him Out of It

Unable to bear these antics any further, Ren grabbed Wodin by the collar and slapped him across the face, yelling, “Snap out of it!”

For a little while, the warrior continued to stare off into the distance, unaware of what had just happened. Just as Ren was about to slap him again, he suddenly came around. “What? Who hit me?!” He demanded.

Sensing danger, Ren immediately let go of the warrior and ran to hide behind Innundo. “It was me, the fox!” He said, attempting to ventriloquize and lay blame on the poor fox who sat there, blinking, as Wodin’s attention shifted over to him.

Though Metal Bunny pointed out that the fox was innocent and that it was Ren who slapped him, the warrior paid no attention. “Got you now, fox,” he chuckled menacingly. Finally, Innundo snapped to his senses, running away as fast as he could for dear life.

With the fox now gone, Wodin shrugged, “Think I’ll sit down for a bit…” and perform the appropriate action.

Meanwhile, the crowd had lost interest in the drugged warrior and began to chat about the ongoing Head Hunter Contest. They spoke of victories and wins, kills and attacks, and while the Drachorn Master told of how he destroyed hapless victims within Wind’s Sanctuary, Wodin stood up and left the crowds again without warning.

Though somewhat exasperated, Ren and Saki chased after the warrior for the third time.

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