Zleiphneir: Path of Justice

Chapter IV: Accidents

At that moment, Ilias returned with a small vial of liquid, which he handed to Zleiphneir before again leaving the area. Z is typically a trusting individual, but he eyed the contents with suspicion. Not wanting to inflict more damage on the poor tree, Z held the vial up to the sun and allowed it’s light to filter through the liquid. He desperately tried to identify the substance, but his concentration was broken as Ilias returned shouting words of warning, “Don’t hold that in direct sunlight!”.

Zleiphneir immediately turned his attention back to the vial which had begun to bubble and overflow. It shook violently in his hand, and he was forced to release it. The vial shattered against the ground and its contents formed a pool at his feet. Ilias looked very concerned as he explained that the bottle contained a violent creature which had been liquefied, and that it would now return to its physical form. “The liquid version has a very potent healing affect”, he claimed.

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