Zleiphneir: Path of Justice

Chapter VI: Miracle

Having played out his rage, Zleiphneir focused again on his surroundings and heard Ilias saying that the Tree may have no hope since the creature had been destroyed. Having no recollection of the recent events, Z shook his head at the site of the large crater and the blood that stained Ilias’ cloak. A blinding light emanated from his arm as Z focused on reversing the transformation, and he quickly reset the dial.

Ilias noted that the Tree was going through a transformation of its own, and he stated that some of the spilled liquid must have seeped into its roots. Light shown all around as the tree began to sprout anew and bloom into its former glory. Once again overcome, but this time with happiness, Zleiphneir’s body quickly returned to its normal state, and he gleefully hugged the stunned Ilias. The tree was safe once more, and Ilias had spared its life. Zleiphneir vowed that from that moment forward, he would dedicate his existence to sheltering the frail tree from those who would do it harm.

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