Zleiphneir: Path of Justice

Chapter II: Conflicts

Now, the tree at the Path of Loneliness is not a terribly strong tree. In fact, its rather frail. The single punch shook the tree to its very roots. Reasonably, this angered Zleiphneir a great deal. He lunged at the Mad Tiger, but the retaliation was not what he expected. To return the blow, the Mad Tiger burnt the poor tree severely.

In a fit, Zleiphneir threw his zealous rage at the Mad Tiger. He punched him, kicked him, spat on him. Z did everything he could think of short of raping the tiger. When his senses returned, he realized that he needed to help the tree, and fast.

Zleiphneir hugged the tree desperately praying and crying out for help. As it happened, Z’s friend, Wolfcaster, arrived to the shouts. After a quick sum up of the events – where did the tiger run off to? – Wolfcaster made quick use of his incantation to support the tree’s spirit and keep it alive.

Understanding that they did not have much time, they decided to try to find the Sage who was one with the land.

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